Sunday, June 10, 2007

Demonstrations about Israel and Palestine today at and near Capitol

Today, as I walked back to the Federal Center Metro Station from Gay Pride Festival on Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave., I walked back down 3rd Street and came first upon a counter demonstration that appeared to oppose Palestinian and other anti-Israel extremism. There were posters about Hamas, Sharia law, dhimmis, and Iran. Apparently this event was the "Counter-Rally to Stand with Israel". On the West Lawn of the Capitol the groups called "United for Peace and Justice" and "Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation" demonstrated. I took a picture from a distance. A counter demonstrator offered to take a picture with me in the foreground. No real objection to this at all, but it was just easier to snap the picture myself, as I had one frame left on the one-use Rite Aid camera. Here is a writeup, from Maine Indymedia, on the main demonstration.

As I walked further, I came upon Washington DC Metropolitan Police officers at Constitution Ave. One of the officers was under the mistaken impression that both demonstrations were for Israel.

It's interesting that, for most people, their concept of activism is to shout in demonstrations. It's also interesting to see the wide range of human rights issues encountered within about seven blocks of walking along W 3rd Street, across the Mall, in Washington DC this pleasant, cooler than average Sunday afternoon. These ideas are more interrelated than most people realize, and that is one main point of all of these blogs.

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