Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Venezuela: Chavez shuts down "subversive" television station

Venezuela president Hugo Chavez has drawn international criticism and public protests for shutting down (by refusing to renew the broadcast license of) station RCTV, which he claims backed a coup against him in 2002 and promotes subversive ideas.

Chavez has been a source of concern because of his far left-wing socialism and the fact that Venezuela is the fourth largest supplier of imported oil to the U.S.

As with China (reaching back to the days of Mao 's "cultural revolution" of the 60s), far left wing governments tend to suppress open free speech and dissent on the theory that dissent comes from "privilege" and is intended to exploit "ordinary working people".

The Washington Times, on May 29 2007, has a major front page story here.

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