Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cyprus offers baby bonus

The Washington Times ran a story today by Andrew Borowelo, "Cyprus offers moms bonuses for more babies: Muslim demographics worry Greek Cypriots," link here. The story relates concerns among European Cypriots about Muslim immigrants with higher birthrates. The government of Cyprus is complicated; go to the CIA site and search for "Cyprus" for a detailed discussion of the bifurcation. Some other countries, such as France, have been paying bonuses for mothers to have more children, and in Europe there is a practical concern that the population imbalance will eventually threaten democratic freedoms if radical Islam becomes more prominent. There are also concerns about long life spans, retirement benefits, health care, and fewer native born workers to provide for them.

The cultural concern, of course, is the trade-off between traditional emotional life within the family with individualistic pursuits more common in a technological society.

Picture: Me at the piano at age 10; I have several other blog entries about piano music (check movies, drama/theater in profiles).

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