Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Note capabilities of new blogger

I did take the tour of new blogger, and noticed a couple of features that may come in handy to me later. One of these is easier RSS feeds and self-syndication.

The other feature that I noticed is potentially important in the future, the ability to restrict the audience to specified email addresses (or perhaps later, with other parameters). I do not plan to use this right now. But I can see how in the future it could become necessary, given future employment situations, as I have discussed on other blogs.

When material is sensitive or provocative, some people think that it should be kept to a limited audience. We see this issue already with COPA, with which I am already involved. I can certainly see that with international and religious issues, it could be appropriate.

Nevertheless, what is happening to our value of open free speech?

I have this issue developed further in a New Years Eve editorial on another blog, here.

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