Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump's Travel Ban 2.0 eliminates Iraq from list, allows for future Syrian refugees, allows people with proper paperwork back in

President Trump has just now promulgated “Travel Ban 2.0”, eliminating Iraq from the list of banned countries, as with this text copy. 
The statements by the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security indicated that the rationale behind the new order was the inability or disinclination of unstable or hostile government to assist in vetting potential entrants into the US.

Although refugee processing remains on hold during the 120 days, refugees from Syria will no longer automatically be banned when that period is up.

People with appropriate travel documents (from having been in the United States legally already) will be allowed back in.

Here is a CNBC summary of what has changed. 

Jeff Sessions did say that the FBI is investigating about 300 refugees (not sure what countries or when they entered) for terror associations.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called this "#MuslimBan2". 

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