Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Many illegals crossing from Mexico said to be forced to carry drugs; the "truth" keeps getting messier

I don’t know how reliable a “foreign” influenced free paper should be, but the Epoch Times reports that actual arrests of immigrants with criminal backgrounds went down considerably under Obama.  The complicated story is here.

On “The Messy Truth” on CNN tonight. Van Jones “admitted” that many people who sneak across the southern border illegally are “forced” to smuggle marijuana or harder drugs.
True, people could come over that way, disappear, and live here and work (in low paying job that others don’t want) for years and do no harm.  Other organizations like Cato and FEE present results showing immigrants as a whole have much lower crime rates that native born people.

Complicating the picture is the occurrence of cartel-related (and therefore gang-related) crimes in many cities, including especially the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.  Still, most of these occur within closed circles of people (much like Mafia crime), unlike asymmetric acts by lone wolves who might be inspired by ISIS.

Trump is right in saying that we cannot disregard our borders forever, or tolerate blatant disregard of the law.  Obviously, common sense says that deportations must focus on those with criminal records, but it’s inevitable that they would increase with a lower bar.

But the facts on what really serves national security very much depend where you enter this board game and how far away your own event horizon is.

Public domain picture of men scaling fence in AZ. 

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