Thursday, March 2, 2017

DREAMer in Mississippi with slightly overstayed DACA status arrested after speaking out against her family's detention; church-run community assistance in Alexandria VA stalked by ICE

Jamiel Lynch of CNN reports the arrest of “DREAMer” Daniela Vargas after she spoke out about her family’s story at a news conference in Jackson, MS, story.

Here DACA status had lapsed in November 2016 but she had been in the process of reinstating it and given a “hall pass” (she did have trouble affording the reapplication fee).  She spoke out after agents arrested other family members on other charges.  Apparently she was pulled over and is in deportation.  The family had been in the chicken processing business.

Samantha Smith has a detailed story in the Washington Post.

WJLA reported late Thursday on an ICE raid Feb. 8 in Alexandria VA on Route 1 outside the Rising Hope Mission Church  (United Methodist) where 7-8 Hispanic men were questioned and a couple were taken away, Another story here. ICE is said to have staked out a homeless shelter.

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