Monday, March 13, 2017

Concern over North Korean ICBM and satellite attacks (including EMP) escalates

On Sunday March 12, 2017, the Washington Post ran a front page article by Joby Warrick, “Anxiety grows over North Korea’s arsenal”.   The article includes maps that show untested ICBM’s that now are projected to be able to reach the US East Coast by Great Circle route.

In all areas (detonation, miniaturization, and missile reach) North Korea may be further along than had been thought.  Furthermore, a week ago, James Woolsey warned Erin Burnett on CNN that North Korea might soon be able to launch a high altitude EMP weapon from an orbiting satellite.  Maybe we need to have NORAD take down any satellite that DPRK launches or has in orbit, and ask questions later.  Oh, but a Facebook friend and doomsday prepper says, it really is a weather satellite.

Of course, North Korea could detonate an EMP nuclear blast at high altitude from an ICBM but it would not be over the US until late in its journey.

It’s always struck me as odd how Kim Jung Un expects to be worshipped as a god when he looks so effeminate.

Here is a list of North Korea’s missile tests.

Until recently, projections "only" showed North Korea reaching the Pacific Northwest, but later that extended to northern Michigan along Great Circle.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of North Korean missile.

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