Saturday, March 11, 2017

Asylum seekers go from US to Canada where approval is much more likely in many cases

Tighter rules in the U.S. on what constitutes “credible fear”, as well as stricter enforcement of filing procedures. Leads to a much lower acceptance of asylum requests in the U.S. compared to Canada, according to the Winnipeg Free Press, link.

The article appeared today, in view of increased migrants crossing the U.S. from Minnesota or North Dakota in winter into Manitoba.

About 18% of cases from African countries are accepted in the U.S., usually after long waits.  Up to 65% might be accepted in Canada.  Some applications in the U.S. fail after three or four years.

Wikipedia attribution link for Winnipeg Skyline.
 (by Krazytea) under CCSA 4.0.  I visited Winnipeg in September 1997 (was warm).

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