Sunday, December 25, 2016

UN vote to condemn settlements on West Bank sounds right to an individualist, but not for the 'tribal" idea of security and "friendship"

The U.S. officially abstained from the U.N. action (allowing the Security Council to pass unaminously)  condemning Israeli settlements on the West Bank, as explained in this CNN story Christmas Eve.  The New York Times carries the story here. Netanyahu has summoned home ambassadors from countries which voted for the risk, which eventually includes the US for abstaining. Ambassador Shapiro will be replaced by Friedman under Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a hawk on national security with whom I often agree, calls for defunding the UN, story .

Lindsey is no fan of Donald Trump, having scorched him in the primary season over the proposed Muslim immigration ban, but Trump iscertainly suggesting he will reverse US policy back for a “friend”. 

I’ve covered the expropriation of property of Palestinian families here before, and there is controversy as to whether Israel is staying within the law and its own “Zone C”.

However, there are many reports to the effect that ordinary Israeli’s sometimes want to move to the settlements for “life style”.  Graham’s idea that having ordinary civilians buffer a supposed enemy is a dangerous one.  The policy is essentially viewing civilians, on both sides, as combatants and that can fuel the idea of targeting civilian non-Muslims in western countries as if they were equally morally guilty (in terms of karma) as “combatants”. 
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Update: Dec 28

John Kerry condemns settlements in speech, and Netanuahu replies, NBC story. . Vox has the text of the speech here

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