Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obama will retaliate against Russia for hacks before Trump comes to office, at some risk of Russian cyber retaliation on US power grid

The Obama administration will take retaliatory steps against Russia for the supposedly proven hacks into both political parties, especially Democrats, during the election.  NBC News has a typical story here.

This will include “naming names” (a Randy Shilts idea), and economic sanctions.  Cyber intrusions from the NSA or CIA could lead to Russian cyber attacks on our infrastructure, as suggested in Ted Koppel’s book “Lights Out”.  It's well to remember Sinclair reports that some utilities have malware in power distribution systems planted there in 2012 that they can't remove.

Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law in 2013, seemingly related to its paranoia over population demographics, seems to have been a prelude to aggression in Ukraine, maybe the Baltics, maybe Finland, and certainly support for Assad in Syria.

Yet Donald Trump thinks Putin will be his friend.

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