Monday, December 19, 2016

Does Poland provide an example of what happens when Populists come to power?

Does Poland provide a window on what can happen when populists come to power?  A front page story in the Washington Post Monday by Anthony Faiola provides a look at the anti-intellectualism  .  Teaching about science and evolution is limited.  Some government support for stay-at-home moms, in a Catholic tradition, happens.  Gay issues are on a back burner (there is no same-sex marriage) although the atmosphere doesn’t seem to be as hostile as in Russia (there was a major vandalism incident though involving a gay community center recently). The most disturbing item in the report seems to be discouragement in some areas against women being on their own, independent of men.

When I did visit Poland, it was described by the State Department as a "moderately developed country" emerging into free markets and capitalism.

Wikipedia attribution link for southern Poland mountains under CCSA 2.5.

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