Sunday, November 20, 2016

OAN correspondent Trey Yingst reports on Aleppo in detail in live feed

OAN correspondent Trey Yingst did a live feed tonight, from Aleppo, Syria if I understood correctly, with the easiest link (20 min) in my own Facebook Timeline here.

Yingst described the decimation of medical services and infrastructure, and the idea that all anyone wants to do is eliminate "terrorists".  Most civilians have very little idea of the political forces, including Assad, Russia, ISIS, and various Islamic and other factions.

Donald Trump seems focused only on ISIS and seems to have little actual knowledge of the details of what is going on as he conducts meetings for his new staff.

I forwarded the address to WJLA7 for live viewing.

CNN has a similar story about attacks on hospitals and civilians, with no availability of medical treatment, here.

Update: Later Nov. 21

Trey Yingst has a second video now, here. 

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