Saturday, November 26, 2016

North Korea could reach Washington DC with nuclear missiles within four years (CNN)

Donald Trump has attracted criticism for his blase attitude toward national security briefings, attending only two of them while Pence (the effective president?) has attended them all.

But the Obama administration has warned Trump's people about the existential danger created by North Korea. First, it's likely to do something provocative on Inauguration Day (UK story).  Furthermore, CNN said on Saturday afternoon (no story yet) that North Korea now may be able to attack South Korea and Japan with nuclear weapons, and will have a missile capable of reaching Washington DC in four years, during the Trump years. We had heard in the past that it might have a missile reaching the Pacific Northwest, or possibly the north central states through the Great Circle routes.  Would NORAD be able to stop them?  Or would an EMP blast over the US be possible?

Trump's past remarks about Kim Jong Un have been ambivalent, and a confrontation between them could be volatile indeed.

There's an important story in the New York Times about economic refugees from "Communist" Venezuela here. 

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