Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vladimir Putin threatens to retaliate against NATO if US interferes with his strikes in Syria backing Assad

Russian newspapers, tabloids and Anonymous (and Wikileaks) are all reporting that Vladimir Putin will retaliated against NATO if the US opposes his attacks on civilians in Aleppo to support Assad.  Gay magazines, to ridicule his anti-gay propaganda law in 2013, still show his outdoor horseback pictures with a hairless chest and now big teats. 

The major media hasn’t talked about this much.  Some are saying a “Cuban Missile Crisis II” could start  OAN journalist Trey Yingst (from American University, News2Share, and well known to local station WJLA, having already traveled to conflict areas connected to Russia) tweeted bluntly that Putin was threatening WWIII today (if he shoots down any US planes).   

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