Friday, August 5, 2016

New Philippines president goes outside the law to execute drug users as well as dealers; US companies do manufacturing there

Note the editorial in the Washington Post today “Death Squads in the Philippines” ,  The title is more telling: “’I will really kill you.’ The new president of the Philippines unleashes a surge of extrajudicial killings of drug dealers and users.”  Note the “extrajudicial”.  That’s not law and order, even in Trump’s world.  The editorial refers to new president Rodrigo Duterte. 
The Philippines houses a lot of outsourced US manufacturing, such as for the print-on-demand production side of the self-publishing book industry.  The country is exposed to severe typhoons (such as what happened in 2013).  
On another matter, there are reports of violence and police activity at gay pride in Uganda this weekend (the second ever).  Check the news for this.  
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of president’s official residence, by Lord Antagonist, under CCSA 3.0.

Update: Aug. 22

Duterte has also blasted the US for failing in Syria, and for allowing the police profiling of blacks to go out of control.  He talks about leaving the UN. This could have the potential to affect US companies operating plants in the Philippines (including on-demand publishers).  The NBC New story by Emma Margolin is here

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