Monday, May 16, 2016

EU holds embassy open houses, but they're brief

Saturday, the European Union held its “Open House” from 10 AM-4 PM (Sweden’s was later for a paid-admission concert) Saturday May 14.

There was a problem Saturday morning with the event web site which was no longer reachable.

I got a late start Saturday with my own “homework” and storms around, but I did perform a walking tour from Dupont Circle up Massachusetts Ave.

I even stopped at the Mosque, open to the public, where a bazaar was just closing.

The most interesting embassy is Britain’s, a small city with a huge  Tudor residence.  Although the event was being taken down, you can walk up the side street toward the New Zealand embassy and see most of the property from the street.

I had been in the Finland embassy before for an event one time.

I was surprised how plain the Embassy of Belgium (“La Belgique”) looks.

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