Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CATO holds academic forum today on US strategy for dealing with ISIS

Today, I attended a Cato Institute event that seems undertitled, or to have an “understated title”, that is, “Is ISIS Economically and Socially Stable?

John Mueller moderated, and Howard J. Shatz (RAND) and Princeton professor Jacob Shapiro spoke.

In general, Shatz seemed to feel that ISIL could sustain indefinitely without more intervention, but Shapiro presented evidence that it is failing already, and could collapse suddenly.  From a libertarian viewpoint, it would be better if it failed on its own, showing future generations that religious extremism is not sustainable. Despite polls which CATO presented at the beginning, neither believed that ISIL represents an existential threat, as the world has a lot of other enemies (start with DPRK, and then Iran, and maybe Putin's Russia).

I took some video, which  must process yet and will present later on Wordpress.

I bought the book “Blood Oil” (like “Blood Diamonds”), 2016, Oxford University Press, by Leif Wenar, at the event, will read and review later. Read the 50-page roman numeral introduction on the Metro.  We have bad karma as consumers.
I'll add a couple of links.  One is from the Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2016, here, importance self-explanatory, if speculative.

Then, in the Washington Post May 19, Loveday Morris writes "Under strain, ISIS takes its battle to the streets of Baghdad".  

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