Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bizarre demonstration in Sao Paolo protests gay male blood donation ban

I got an email from Matt Beard last night regarding a press release for a bizarre demonstration in Sao Paolo Brazil where trucks drove through the city filled with “bags of blood” to denounce the ban on gay male blood donors in the country.  The ban has been lifted in the US for HIV- men who have been abstinent for a long period of time (one year). The site is “Wasted Blood”.

The site also reminds the reader that homosexual sex is illegal still in at least 75 countries, mostly authoritarian.

The event in Sao Paolo seems ironic because Brazil has a severe problem with zika virus, an arbovirus which is sometimes sexually transmitted and which seems to affect unborn babies (through pregnant women) the most.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Sao Paolo by Chensiyuan, under CCSA 4.0

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