Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The possibility of a North Korean nuclear attack on Hawaii, Alaska, or even Pacific Northwest comes back on the table

Barbara Starr of CNN reports that North Korea may be planning a mobile ballistic missile launch that could contain a miniaturize nuclear warhead.

There are varying speculations about whether DPRK could reach as far as Japan, Guam, Hawaii, the Alaskan Aleutians, or in the most extreme cases, British Columbia and Washington state. Intelligence services do not know whether the missile or warhead would actually “work”.

But similar speculations were made back as early as 2002.

This blog post title says "possibility",  Is it more like a "thinkability"?
A good question would be whether NORAD would intercept any such missile close to North America.  A missile might be capable of a high altitude explosion capable of an EMP effect over part of the northern Pacific.

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