Monday, April 25, 2016

CNN waffles on showing Zakaria's "Why They Hate Us"

Mysteriously, CNN postponed its special by Fareed Zakaria’s “GPS” tonight, of “Why They Hate Us”.  The online newsletter adweek says it learned about the postponement at 3:30 PM today (Monday, April 25, 2016) here.  Huffington had announced the postponement at 11:55 AM. 
Curiously, Fareed Zakaria had updated the story “Why They Hate Us” at 2:46 PM EDT today with no mention of the show.  Adweek and Newsy say CNN has not announced when the show will air.  CNN Pressroom has a story about the broadcast (before postponement) here. 

CNN has postponed episodes before when there is breaking news.  But there really isn’t today – the Prince story from Minnesota had already happened several days ago.

Zakaria has taken the position that what “they” hate is the modern world, that has left them behind – but not so much just the US, Europe, or even the Jews.

Zakaria calls Saudi Arabia “The Devil We Know” but says as a practical matter we need to maintain their “friendship”.  I wonder about satirical movies like “A Hologram for the King”, maybe not as divisive as “The Interview”.
Oddly, the Washington Post printed the show as airing at 10 PM. 


At the midnight hour, the "Why the Hate Us" banner would show at the bottom of the screen for 2-3 seconds before changing to "Battle for the White House" after switching channels to CNN HD.

Update: 5/24

The film aired Monday night 5/23.  See my "cf" blog. 

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