Monday, March 21, 2016

Ted Cruz mentions EMP threat on CNN to Wolf Blitzer tonight, first time ever for a presidential candidate

Tonight, in a 1:1 on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, in which all five surviving presidential candidates spoke, Ted Cruz specifically mentioned the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) threat, in conjunction specifically with Iran and possibly Obama’s deal.  Cruz mentioned Frank Gaffney as an expert on the issue.  He said that the East Coast could be in the most danger, with tens of millions of lives lost.  I will look further into the details behind the remarks.  But this is the first time any of the presidential candidates have mentioned any of the specific WMD threats as such to my knowledge.  Real estate interests (Trump) would be most concerned about radioactive dispersion devices.

Blitzer and Cruz also discussed Saddam Hussein, and the idea that Hussein’s possible access to WMD’s (and possible involvement in the 1993 WTC incident) may have been more eminent than generally reported (after Bush’s war, which supposedly reported in no WMD’s, although I remember some specific reports of one or two).

Cruz also indicated that Ukraine is very dangerous, as if to say that a nuclear or EMP threat could come from Vladimir Putin's Russia instead of from radical Islam. North Korea needs to be factored into this concern, especially for Alaska and the Canadian and US Pacific Northwest.

Trump, to his credit, did mention infrastructure problems tonight.  No more “Lying Ted”.

Stay tuned on this one.

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