Monday, March 7, 2016

CNN reports UK police warning about impending enormous attacks likely to be attempted in UK, Europe

CNN has just reported, in a story by Max Foster and Tim Hume, that UK police are warning of “enormous” potential ISIS attacks, story here. The story leads to another CNN story giving global maps, color coded, of where ISIS and ISIS-inspired attacks have occurred.  The story indicated concerns over soft targets, as opposed to military and governmental. It is also based on the large number of people who have been to Syria returning to Europe.   It’s odd that the story comes out that the absurd film “London Has Fallen” (Movies blog, March 6) opened. It's unclear if "enormous" implies WMD use, like chemical or perhaps biological or radioactive or EMP.
There is increasing recognition that the theories of Eric Hoffer, published in the 1950s ("The True Believer", Books, March 7), help explain why young men will join a mass movement like ISIS and long for a “group mind” belonging experience.

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