Sunday, February 7, 2016

Twitter increases its activity in suspending terrorist-related accounts; what about forgiveness?

On Saturday, Mike Isaac reported in the New York Times, “Twitter is more aggressively scrubbing accounts with ties to extremists”  particularly ISIS.   Twitter has closed over 125,000 accounts associated with extremism (mostly radical Islam) in the past six months.  Twitter is more willing to report volumes of suspensions than other social media companies, but must depend on user input.

The article notes that Twitter is very effective in “crowd-sourcing” promotions for many “amateur” but mainstream content, especially self-published books and videos.  Tactics designed merely to increase followers or sell lists violate TOS, but standards of courtesy (for example replying to non-followers to gain more of their followers) remain vague and some practices are controversial but acceptable to some.

There has been some material about forgiveness of terrorists, such as in this ABC story or in this Christianity Today article about a viral video

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