Monday, February 1, 2016

South Korean economy sours for most young adults, leading to emigration

Structural inequality is severely affecting young adults in South Korea, according to a Washington Post story Monday morning February 1, 2016 by Anna Fifield, p. A10, “Many young South Koreans want out”.   There seems to be a “silver spoon” (aka Ann Richards talking about the first George Bush) phenomenon, where a few youth get the plum jobs, but others work on contract without regular pay and live literally at the office.  So many want to emigrate to Australia (land of “Blog Tyrant”) or the US, and will even join the US military if it advances citizenship.

In addition, young adults have to think about the possibility of war from the north.

The same reporter has written about “Internet addiction boot camps” in South Korea, which has faster Internet speeds than the US, usually.

Wikipedia attribution link for downtown Soeul picture by Stari4EK, under CC SA 2.0 license. 

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