Sunday, February 14, 2016

NATO could not handle a Russian Balkan advance now; Zakaria on what makes America different

Today, Fareed Zakaria covered the concern of mountain tensions between Russia and not only Ukraine, but other former republics, most of all the three Baltic states.  NATO could not stop a 1956- or 1968- style Russian intervention in these countries, it was said.  The Defense News talks to the NATO Deputy Defense Secretary here.

It might even be possible that Finland could be in jeopardy.  A couple of Russian films and suspense novels have hinted at this idea, as well as the idea that many sites with radioactive materials are in NW Russia.

An attack on a NATO member (including the Baltic states) is an attack on everyone, and could technically create a state of war for the US, with legal and political consequences.

Fareed Zakaria discussed today what makes America different – the idea that there is no one religion or national group that is supposed to be preferred over everyone else, disagreeing with Marco Rubio’s “robotic” speeches, here.  

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