Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arlington church sponsors scholarships for students in Belize (Central American country)

Today, at a regular worship service, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA presented some testimony from last June’s Mission in Belize (drama blog from Nov. 4, 2012 for the “Soulfire” concert and short film on the mission). There will be a concert Feb. 20 to raise money for the scholarships for the mission.

The scholarships appear to assist students in Belize in finishing high school and going to college, possibly to become teachers.  Four people from 2015 discussed the program and last year’s experience.

I do have the impression that Belize and Panama are much more stable than other Central American countries, as real estate companies try to sell condos for people retiring there (with lower cost of living).  I am familiar which churches that have placed volunteers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and even El Salvador, as well as Kenya and Liberia in Africa.  It’s pretty obvious that some of these countries have become very dangerous, especially for those under college graduation age, without major sponsorship and security preparation.
Trinity has the “Easter Chapel Mountain” behind it, and the snow is already gun on the sunny slope. That 450-foot-high peak seems to be where Accuweather estimates winds speeds for Arlington; the hill protects the houses to the East from the worst of the thunderstorms,

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