Thursday, January 28, 2016

AC360 interviews American student imprisoned for a month in Iran after arrested while reading Farsi newspaper; Rezaian returns

On AC360 last night, Anderson Cooper interviewed student Michael Trevithick, who described being held in a prison in Iran for more than a month.  He was accused of spying for the US and trying to overthrow the government, for carrying ordinary printed literature.  
He was suddenly released to Swiss diplomats after existential threats.
He had gone to Iran in 2010 and had worked in Afghanistan. He had been studying Farsi.  The political climate had thawed somewhat with Obama’s deal on nuclear materials.  He was reading a newspaper with anti-America sentiment and anti-foreign ideology when he was whisked off the street and arrested.  

Update: Jan 29

Dana Milank writes in the Washington Post writes about the return of Jason Rezaian from Iran.

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