Monday, December 7, 2015

On Pearl Harbor Day, Donald Trump makes a very modest proposal worthy of Jonathan Swift

For the record, let’s reproduce President Obama’s 13-minute speech Sunday night from the Oval Office on the San Bernadino attack.

The president correctly pointed out that the attacks appear to have been intended to increase tension between all Muslims and all other Americans and to increase the tendency to scapegoat Muslims, so as to increase the propaganda effort for recruiting impressionable young men and women as “converts”.

Donald Trump plays right into ISIS’s hand by calling in the US to ban the entry of all Muslims into the IS (possibly even returning US citizens).  There are plenty of media accounts, like this on Vox.  Trump is willing to suspend the Constitution.

Here’s what the Daily Beast (Michael Weiss as Senior Editor) says.
There wasn’t very much constitutional principal when Roosevelt interned Japanese Americans, and today is the 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  My parents were on a train to Washington when they heard from passengers getting on at Philadelphia.

Picture: Manzanar, CA, near US 395, south of Bishop CA, my trip, 2012.

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