Saturday, December 12, 2015

Climate change agreement text is getting published, and 1.5 got written on the Eiffel Tower

OK, here are two texts of the Climate Agreement from Paris.

One is the the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, proposal, dated Dec. 11, link here.

Another is at the BBC with an embedded pdf like Scribd with a slider pointer to see changes, link here.

The general result is that a 1.5 degree Celsius will be attempted, and that is even written on the Eiffel Tower.  But there is little consensus on how to enforce it.

We’re back to innovation, as to how to wean the entire developed world from fossil fuels.  It seems that we’re looking to our prodigies (like Taylor Wilson and Param Jarvi) to solve this problem for us, maybe with money from sources like Mark Zuckerberg or Peter Thiel.

Update: Dec. 15

Joby Warrick writes in the Washington Post, "How one word nearly killed the climate deal".  That is, "shall" instead of "should".  Remember verb conjugation in foreign language classes?

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