Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gun control debate comes back in Europe, and some people point to Switzerland as a good example

There is an old petition from “” circulating on Facebook, protesting gun control in Europe, dating back to the Hebdo attacks in January 2015, link here.  The petition seems to import your email from Facebook.

It is obviously true that all the attacks in France (in January and recently on 11/13) were conducted with illegal arms and that gun control, if anything, hindered the ability to French citizens to protect themselves.

There is also a photo circulating making an odd comparison of Honduras to Switzerland (Facebook link ). The reference to Hippolyte is interesting.
Switzerland has mandatory military service for males and, in a sense, mandatory gun ownership, link here.  And right now, it seems quiet.

There is talk of requiring Visas for Europeans working in the US (not only in I,T., but also in film, and this can affect people whom I personally know.

And Brussels remains shut down early Sunday afternoon, in a manner that recalls Boston for at least one day in April 2013 (BBC story ) .

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