Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New York Times gives detailed story of Syrian refugee family settled in northern New Jersey

The New York Times today has a detailed story by Liz Robbins about the life of a Syrian refugee family placed in Jersey City, link here.

Relatively few refugees can be placed in major coastal cities like New York or Washington because of high housing costs.  But the article explains how the family was screened, and how groups like the International Rescue Committee and Church World Group have formed partnerships with government.

Financial aid is provided for a limited period, during which time the refugee parents (at least one of them) needs to find work.  Many factors are considered in allowing someone in, including the availability of relatives, and sometimes sexual orientation.

The underlying question is whether an increase in refugees would require getting organizations to find more potential volunteer sponsors.  Nobody wants to talk about this yet, but it could become a theme in 2016.

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