Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vaccine for Ebola developed quickly, seems to work, and could lead to protection of all of West Africa relatively soon

A vaccine for Ebola has proved practically 100% effective in Guinea, according to a major story in The Guardian today, link here
This trial, reported by World Health Organization (press release), raises the likelihood that everyone in West African countries (where the virus seems to “sleep” in animal populations) could be vaccinated (at no personal cost, free) soon.  Public health objectives would dictate that doing so would be the most effective way to quickly protect the rest of the world indirectly.  No longer would there be any significant risk of an incident like what we saw in Dallas, with other cases, too, coming to the US or western countries, again.  This turns a corner on the war against Laurie Garret’s “Coming Plague”.
It would be important to know if immunity to related viruses (like Marburg) is conferred, or vaccines covering other variations will be developed quickly.


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