Sunday, August 23, 2015

Major DC church will help Haiti; temporary relief in Uganda; could overseas service help more with student debt?

Today, at the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, the interim preaching pastor Stan Hastey mentioned a donation program to help a church in Haiti, destroyed by the 2010 earthquake, rebuild. It did not include trying to send people.

However, as reported here, local churches do send people, even college or upper high school age, to Central American countries, and (as noted in the film “We Come as Friends”) to African countries on missions.

Last evening, I was having dinner in a Silver Spring bistro before the movie, and a waitress mentioned that she teaches second grade.  I asked why she needed to moonlight in a restaurant, because I thought teacher’s salaries had improved.  She said, it was all about student loan debt.

So, putting things together, it would make sense to relieve a debt problem with service in difficult areas overseas, with Peace Corps or many other things.  And sending young adults to authoritarian or violent countries is no small order.  Many of them, for example, are quite anti-gay.

The Huffington Post reports that the situation in Uganda has improved after the country’s anti-gay law was “invalidated”, but that was more on a parliamentary measure and it could come back, story here

News media also report Jimmy Carter teaching Sunday school today in Plains, GA, (two sessions) with people driving hours to hear him, especially many immigrants. Carter still plans to go to Nepal with Habitat for Humanity after his treatments. 


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