Sunday, August 30, 2015

Grisly discovery near Vienna highlights overwhelming migration crisis for Europe from Middle East

Liz Sly has a big story in the Washington Post Sunday morning, “As tragedies shock Europe,  bigger crisis looms: Most Syrian refugees are stranded in worsening conditions in the Middle East”, link here.  Much of this story is motivate by the discovery of a truck near Vienna with over 71 migrants dead from a trip through Hungary, tied to an Eastern European crime syndicate.

One can only remember the issue of asylum, and recognize it seems pretty remote from most Americans born and raise here under middle class circumstances (or better), where you “take care of your own”. 

Sly has also written that much of the leadership of ISIL comes from the former minions of Saddam Hussein.

The New York Times wrote on Aug. 31, "Europe must reform its deadly asylum policies" here.  How would the refugees be housed? 

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