Friday, July 3, 2015

Some progressives now question the American Revolution; a dire comment from NYPD

I notice Dylan Matthews column on Vox this morning, “Three Reasons the American Revolution Was a Mistake”, here . This happens as Matthews flies to London to celebrate non-independence.
He makes the arguments that parliamentary democracy is more stable (but it’s less clear that Europe is better off than us right now, given the economic unrest (Greece right now), deeper demographic problems, and bigger security issues with non-assimilated minorities.
But a bigger argument is that slavery would have ended earlier, and oppression of native Americans would have been less.  He says that the “freedom” sought by colonists was contained in the specific interests of an inappropriately privileged white male minority.

I can remember in high school (graduating in 1961) that the French teacher was controversial because she belonged to the CAR.

As a counterweight, here is a piece by Harvey J. Kaye, "Social Democracy is 100% American", link here
In the meantime, the rhetoric about security here in the US ramps up.  A representative from NYPD, talking on AC360, mentioned radiation detectors.  They have been around major cities since 9/11 (and maybe before), but the idea that he mentioned it was startling, because that’s not normally a “lone wolf” capability (although the point of it is certainly “revolutionary” in a left-wing expropriation sense).  (They have been mentioned before New Year's Eve celebrations.)  There’s been less talk from conservatives about EMP than maybe three years ago, and the insurance industry says that the power utilities are better prepared for solar storms and unconventional terror than they were five years ago. 
Still, the talk is unnerving.

Update: July 7

On Vox, Jeff Stein rebuts Matthew's piece here

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