Monday, July 6, 2015

Russia could try to start WWIII, with tactical nuclear weapons, maybe in the Baltics, maybe even Finland (article today)

Max Fisher has a most alarming long essay on Vox explaining how a nuclear war – WWIII – with Russia and more likely than we want to admit, maybe a 2% chance.  The link is here

Max explains several scenarios in which Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO troops, maybe in Ukraine, the Baltic states, conceivably even Finland.
I was a patient at NIH but able to go to school and heard about the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 before the other patients, as I have related.
And the hack on an essay (now in my 2002 DADT II book) in April 2002 on an old legacy site overlaid a section talking about nuclear terror with jibberish that seemed to be about the Russo-Finnish region. Very odd, never repeated. 

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