Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama's Iran solution sounds like a setup for a balloon payment on national security

As I came home from my own pseudo-world tour in Orlando, I noticed Obama talking about Iran on every plasma screen in the airport.  (There were no seats and tables high enough to work with a laptop until I went into a restaurant and paid for something, but that’s another matter.)

The president says that this is about “verification”, not “trust”.  But this also sounds like a church financing itself in such a way it has a big balloon payment at the end. 

There is a risk that Iran could make much bigger threats to specific neighbors in 10-15 years, and could even become a threat to pull off something like an EMP strike.  Obama is gambling that Iran will somehow become better behaved.

It’s true, as journalist Anthony Bourdain reports, Iran is actually a little bit better as place in the streets than it was, and there is some doubletalk as to whether America is still the great Satan.
In the meantime, Vox reports about Greece, that the IMF wants the European countries behave more like US states and cover each others backs on debts (not sure that the analogy works), so it wants some left-wing debt forgiveness.  This is not a good time for the rentier class in Greece.

Update: July 16

Note well, Washington Post's editorial this morning, "A nuclear deal has been reached, but Iran must free Jason Rezaian", link here

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