Thursday, May 28, 2015

DC Metro bans all issue-oriented ads after Geller tries to advertise an "offensive" cartoon of Muhammad

Pamela Geller tested the “free speech” by submitting a cartoon of Muhamad for ad space in the Washington DC Metro system.  The Metro board responded by closing ad space to all issue-oriented ads until the end of 2015.  I have sometimes photographed these ads about a number of controversial domestic and international topics.
Geller had sponsored the cartoon event that led to a violent attempt in Garland, TX.
Chris Cuomo interviews Geller here on CNN, link and video 

International Business Times has a story on the Board action by Julia Glum here.  Conservative critics call the action cowardly and caving in to terrorists.  Or s this a reality of actual warfare? Many major media outlets say that they have policies not to show "cartoons" of religious leaders on their networks (although it's pretty hard to imagine how to enforce that with other religions -- stained glass windows have images of Christ that could be viewed as cartoons.)  

It is not unusual for airlines, travel and transportation services to avoid advertising on controversial websites.  I found this to be the case twelve years ago when I used an ad service called Linkshare and found that these sorts of companies automatically shunned me.

Note the controversy over an event in Phoenix, organized by John Ritzheimer, here

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