Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NY Times piece notes disturbing meaning in Shabab attacks

A New York Times article Tuesday by Jeffrey Gettleman, “Somali fighters learning to kill on a shoestring”, link here accompanied by maps of Kenya, is chilling enough.  As Al-Shabab (unlike ISIS) has lost sources of money, it has adjusted because its previous activity seemed to be directed at other Muslims.  Now the attention seems to be, on one level, religious persecution (of Christians), but what seems more apparent, activity motivated by resentment of class and privilege in Kenya or other areas accessible from Somalia.  This sounds like a religious version of Marxism from the past, something that would probably provoke comments from Noam Chomsky who sees this sort of thing as “war”, not just terrorism or crime. 
Local churches have sent missionaries or aid groups to Kenya in the past, but, like with Nigeria and Uganda and other countries, this seems much more dangerous today than it did a decade ago.
Picture: My Lai from Vietnam, Smithsonian.

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