Thursday, March 19, 2015

Netanyahu waffles back toward "net neutrality" on a 2-state solution

Back in the mid 1970s when I worked for NBC at 30 Rock in NYC, an orthodox Jewish co-worker said, “Give the Palestinians their homeland so we can just get along”, and then admitted that not many in his faith cohort wanted to hear that. 

So Benjamin Netanyahu, after addressing Congress separately (and leading to the “treason” debate, complementing impeachments of the past) now waffles back, admitting that he isn’t committed to a one-state world.  The White House is furious, as the New York Times explains here  as do other media outlets.
Netanyahu said he feared that a Palestinian state would become a refuge for terrorists, especially ISIS.  He also, somewhat rightfully, says that a nuclear Iran can bring an end to the Israeli state, with one high-altitude blast (EMP).  But Iran and ISIS are enemies of each other. 
Yet, to secure itself, Israel has taken land away from individual Palestinian families without compensation, as we have often discussed here.
People often believe that, to survive, especially to have a future for their children, they have to maintain “tribal” loyalty, and base moral systems around that loyalty, regardless of whether the cause is right or wrong eventually by history.  Does that make individual people participating responsible for the causes of their leaders.  Pastors like Rick Warren say no, that carries “personal responsibility” too far.  But terrorists have to be held responsible for what they do as individuals, regardless of the external peer pressures on them, right?  How do we reconcile individualism and group-think?  No wonder religious groups go to war to prove that they are “right”.  So do nationalities (Nazis, Soviets, today’s Russians). 
Take note of the “Freedom from Religion Foundation”. Little Ron Reagan, a libertarian, says he doesn’t fear “burning in hell”.  (Could he run for president for the LP?) 

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