Sunday, March 1, 2015

More on radicalization; notice the way an ISIS bride experiences her life, in her own words

There’s a lot of attention to why teens in the West are attracted to ISIS, such as this piece by Jethro Mullen on CNN, link here.   A lot is said about people needing something to belong to, and distrust of a “winner take all” world.  It does seem likely that the teens really believe the “end of the world” apocalyptic ideology, or could be in a position to believe it.  And the parents don’t see it.
One female from Scotland who migrated to Syria and became an “ISIS bride” makes very revealing comments in her Tumblr blog post.  Notice how the culture is predicated on the total dedication of every aspect of (marital) sexuality to religious purposes, as if the knowledge that everyone has to conform actually makes it work.

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