Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pope Francis chides the intentionally childless

Pope Francis has said that for a couple to choose not to have children is a “selfish act”, at St. Peters Square. The Guardian has a story  here
Francis chided the current generation as “greedy” and “depressed” as wealthier communities avoid surrounding themselves with lots of children.
Of course, population is a political issue.  Poorer populations have more children, and can gain more influence in future generations, possibly threatening conflict.  Many people say that about the current Muslim population in Europe.
Having children also means taking the risk of having kids with extreme disability.  But in larger families, kids learn to take care of siblings and caregiving becomes less dependent on a decision to have children.  
Smaller families are also increasing the eldercare issue as people live longer with great disabilities, and also increasing the difficulty in paying for retirements.   Of course, retirement ages can be raised. 

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