Thursday, December 25, 2014

Islamic state able to recruit entire families from Britain, western Europe; Japanese demonstrate "schizoid personalities"

Christmas Day, the Washington Post greeted readers with a front page story about how, from London, “entire families answer Islamic state’s call: British man is among those proud to bring children to new society”, article by Kevin Sullivan and Karla Adam, link here.    Online, the piece reads, “hoping to create a new society, Islamic state recruits entire families”.  Many of the men who are recruited are "disaffected", get in trouble with the law, and don't seem to be helped by the social safety nets.  One had jumped bail.  
The idea that a relatively small group could control territory, albeit mostly in sparsely populated desert, and run basis services is novel and shocking.
People in Britain and France who go tend to be “wired” in a manner opposite to what has become a new psychological norm in much of the west, the individual who “defines himself” through activity or expression or work in some way before committing himself to long term intimacy with other people.  

I noted this WP article by Max Fisher about the schizoid personality of most of Japan, to wit, "Japan's sexual apathy is endangering the global economy", link here. Vladimir Putin has the same fears (low birth rate) about his Russia, which is what drives a lot of the anti-gay culture. 

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