Sunday, December 7, 2014

Estonia offers "e-residency" but you have to travel there once

There is a new concept called “digital residency” or specifically “e residency” which right now is offered only in the Republic of Estonia, and requires visiting the country in person.  It is going into Beta test and is explained here.

It does not replace a passport or travel documents, but some European travelers may find a visit to Estonia worthwhile.  Putin could have other ideas.
The main benefit of the service would be digital signatures; original documents would not need to be kept as proof of signatures.  Imagine how it could work with wills and trusts.  But it would have to be accepted in other countries (your home country) to become valuable. 
I've thought of visiting Finland in 2015.  Is this a reason to stop in Estonia, too?
Bitcoin has an article on the service here

Wikipedia attribution link for aerial of Estonia.  

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