Monday, December 22, 2014

China passes low punishing "virality" of social media posts

Jimmy Somi has an interesting article in the Dec. 15, 2014 Examiner, “Why Zuckerberg’s Visit to China Failed”, link here. Zuckerberg’s learning fluency in Chinese has been reported, not just because he wants to put Facebook in China someday, but of course because of his wife.  I guess any kid are going to be fluent in both (very different) languages from toddlerhood.
For a Twitter-likeness, China has Sina Weibo, and Baidu is the “equivalent” of Google.  In fact, I was approached about registering my own “doaskdotell” in China, despite being blocked there (even so, I see Urchin reporting traffic from there, as well as from all Islamic and even African  countries).  In China, all domains are one TLD down from a master controlled by the government.
But the main point of Somi’s story is that China punishes “virality” (which does not mean virility).  China has a law that a gossipy or government-critical post getting more than 500 reposts or 5000 visits can land someone in jail. 

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