Monday, November 17, 2014

Slaying shows the risk taken be people who help others overseas

The slaying of Peter Kassig seems to have stretched the nihilism of ISIS to a new extreme, as detailed in a CNN story here.  Kassig had volunteered as an aid worker in Syria (something not too many of us would do) and had converted to Islam. Yet, ISIS indicated that he had to atone for having been part of the US military.  And ISIS propaganda rhetoric indicates that all Americans are personally on the hook as "apostates" and enemies of Muslims, an idea that stretches a kind of thinking known in the past with some kinds of communism, where the "privileged" were seen as enemies of "the people".  Some observers see changes in the video as a sign of possible weakness.
Somehow I'm reminded of a religious sermon that says service only means something "when it costs you something".  But this?

The UN has a new report on the strategy of ISIS in subjugating civilian populations, here.
There was an impulsive subway attack in New York City that might be related to loan wolf attacks by psychopaths, NYTimes story here.  

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