Monday, November 24, 2014

Russia seems to be creeping over Finland; remember 1942?

The Washington Post reports that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has now become more aggressive with Finland, sending military planes into Finnish airspace and chasing Finnish vessels in international waters. The front page story Monday November 24, 2014 by Griff Witte is here

it’s not so clear that Russia is concerned about any ethnicity problem as in the Ukraine.  But it regards Finland as “neutral” and would regard Finland’s joining NATO as unacceptable, even as Finland belongs to the EU. But the three Baltic former republics joined NATO (and remember, that after the 1991 collapse of the former Soviet Union, there was supposed to exist a “Commonwealth of Independent States”).

There has long been some controversy over the origin of the Finnish people, as well as the “Uralic” language, as with this article. Most likely, the Finns (and their unusual language) descended over many millennia in part from peoples in remote areas of central Siberia, as did some peoples in Mongolia and northwestern China.  Could Putin think there cold be a “nationality” problem?

There was an important film about the Russo-Finnish war, “Ambush” (“Tie Rukejarvin”), shown at the University of Minnesota while I lived in Minneapolis.  There was another bizarre Russian film “The Return” in 2003, reviewed on my Movies blog Dec. 28, 2011.

In early April 2002, a passage on my old “doaskdotell” site dealing with terror threats from “suitcase nuclear weapons” was hacked, and some of the overlaying material seemed to name locations near the Russian-Finnish border.  This hack never recurred.  Later in 2002, a party sent me a map of locations of Russian nuclear waste.

My novel manuscript “Angel’s Brother” has a meeting between two important characters in Russia, near the Finnish border, in an early chapter.  At the meeting, an artefact is passed that will later be shown to be connected to a bizarre “biological” attack.  This plotline was developed in early 2003.  It seems as though Putin is making his moves before I can get this book done!

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