Friday, November 21, 2014

NSA chief says that US power grid is vulnerable to China cyber attack (also probably Russia and Iran)

Admiral Michael Rogers of the National Security Agency has recently warned that China (either the government or at least its favored statist corporations) and two other countries (probably Russia and Iran) and possibly non-state actors (connected to Al Qaeda, ISIS, or Khorasan) have the ability to do considerable damage to the United States power grid, as well as oil pipelines, flood control, and other systems. 

Of course, the most obvious question is, why is the power grid even reachable by the web?  It should not be possible topologically to navigate from my own laptop at home to a Dominion Power major substation, but it sounds like it is.  Maybe there are some Mobius strips, right out of Christopher Nolan movies.

These concerns were first voices in early 2002, after 9/11.

Fox new has a story on Rogers’s remarks, with discussion of how the US derailed Iran’s nuclear program with a hack.  So Iran and other countries could want revenge. 

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