Sunday, November 30, 2014

Local church discusses medical clinic in Honduras, center of child immigration crisiss

Today, at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA, a speaker presented a charity “Serving at the Crossroads” (link) with focus on a medical and dental clinic in La Entrada, Honduras. That is the country at the epicenter of the child immigration crisis.  The church has sent youth groups to Belize at the end of June the past few years.

The sermon ("Being Isaiah") referred to the return of captured Jewish people from Babylon (now near Baghdad) through what is now Syria.  The sermon offered slides, including one that appeared to be Gaza, and another a war-torn village in Africa (maybe Sierra Leone). 
The closing remarks today by Rev. Judith Fulp-Eickstaedt referred to the loss of “community and connection” and the replacement of “intellectual pursuit” with consumerism.  Libraries are empty while shopping malls are filled, even on a “Brown Friday”.  Our corporate culture regards people as “economic liabilities” or “commodities”.  

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